Aikido Hartford at the
Academy of Martial Arts
1404 Tolland Turnpike
Manchester, CT 06042

O Sensei
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Testing Requirements

Michael Sheahon Sensei Aikido Hartford follows the U.S. Aikido Federation's test requirements and rank system, which has only two colored belts, white (kyu) and black (dan). White belt ranks begin at sixth degree and continue to first degree. Black belt ranks begin at first degree and continue up. To advance in rank, students pass a test to determine if they can do the required techniques. To be eligible for a test, students complete the specified required practice days, which begin from zero after each test. The highest rank students can test for is third-degree black belt. The federation grants ranks above third-degree black belt by automatic promotion in recognition for continued technical development and other achievements, such as becoming an instructor and training students to black belt level. To better understand akido techniques, see the photo gallery and glossary.